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Rice poha with green peas

How to make peas poha

Matar Poha/Chura matar is widely preferred morning breakfast in many parts of the country India. Today I am sharing this easy and quick recipe which is considered as an ideal breakfast which takes only 10 mins for preparation and cooking. It also contains less calories with 0% cholesterol and almost no fat which is why this breakfast comes in top most list by health and calorie conscious people.

Chicken featuring image

How to make chicken curry-homestyle

Many of us love butter chicken, tandoori chicken, chicken butter masala etc. but nothing beats a spicy chicken curry made at home. This recipe works good when there is friend get together at home, family reunion, cousins meeting up at your place or whatever the occasion is.

white and makhani gravy
Dinner, Lunch

How to make makhani gravy and white gravy

Today, I am here to share two very interesting and easy gravies/ sauces which I am pretty sure you must have tried around the globe, Makhani Gravy and White Gravy. You can use these gravies or sauce to make various main courses like paneer makhani, pasta in makhani sauce, chicken makhani masala , navratan korma, […]