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Foods affecting immune system

Present scenario is giving us a different thought process towards our health and immune system. COVID-19 outbreak has led to a pandemic situation throughout the world with significant contemplation on coping with it. Does it gives us no choice but to remain at home (quarantine) to contain the virus at its best! All the citizens throughout the world are doing their best that they can to break this severe chain.

Many health experts are stating that the people with low or bad immune system are getting infected more. People having poor immune system are more prone to this virus and thus need extra care while they are out. It is greatly suggested to the people that they remain in their homes and be safe. is contributing a little in this by making all the readers aware about how you can boost your immune system. If you haven’t started thinking about your body, then this is the time. Read the post about foods affecting immune system know more about it.

no sugar for immune system

#1: Sugar

Avoid sugar containing foods. Beverages like fruit juices, soda, energy drinks tend to have more sugar. People often drink at least a bottle in one go. Imagine how much sugar we intake throughout the whole day! This high sugar content not only increase the glucose level in our body but further contribute to increased fat percentage also. Foods like cookies, biscuits, namkeens, savoury products have high content of added sugar and does the same thing.

Sugars causes essential minerals like sodium, potassium, zinc and calcium flush out of our body causing boning weakening and diseases like osteoporosis. At first, excessive sugar consumption may not cause you health problems. But over the years, this will increase the chances of your body to show symptoms of some diseases like obesity or metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, non alcoholic fatty liver diseases and many other problems. Reducing a considerable amount of sugar or we can say processed food consumption can show some positive results in time.

#2: Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the ingredient which highly influence the immune system of the body. With higher intake of caffeine in the form of strong coffee, tea can cause nausea, insomnia and reduced hunger. It also causes stomach irritation with low immunity. Caffeine may be a proven energy booster but it can greatly cause increase in anxiety, often panic attacks, heart palpitation. It is studied, that less coffee drinkers or caffeine takers possess to absorb nutrients better as compared to partakers.

‘Tannins’ which an anti-nutrient found in caffeine and caffeine oriented products tend to inhibit the body to absorb essential nutrients like calcium, iron and Vitamin B. Not to everyone, but to some people it can show high blood pressure level due to stimulatory effect on the body’s nervous system. Caffeine withdrawal cannot be an easy task. One can experience continuous headache, brain fog, fatigue, low concentration and irritability throughout the day.

#3: Processed & packaged food

Most of the processed and packaged food contains refined flour, food additives, sugar, edible vegetable oil in undefined quantities. This not only impacts the immune system but also increase the total body fat resulting in obesity and various diseases. It is very important for us to avoid these packaged, processed food and meat products. Such kind of packaged ready to eat food may not be healthy to certain aged people of the population.

In this century, almost all of us use at least 6 packaged food in our day to day life. Whether it is bread, pizza, burger, crackers & chips, ice creams, instant noodles, reconstituted meat & sausages etc. All these products contain uncertain amount of food additives like artificial colors, chemical flavouring substances, texture improving agents and preservatives. Such kind of foods affecting immune system should be stopped from consuming. As already explained in Sugars, these packaged food comes loaded with refined carbohydrates leading to high in blood sugars and insulin level. You can replace your packaged food for carbohydrates to whole grains, various types of beans & pulses.

#4: Sodium

As per FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or USFDA and American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,000 mg (2g gm) of sodium per day for most of the adults. the ideal limit has been set to 1,500 mg of sodium per day especially for those who are suffering from cardio vascular diseases, obesity or high blood pressure. In our day to day life we often unknowingly consume huge amount of sodium in many forms through home cooked food or packaged food. While the top common foods which consists of indefinite amount of salt or sodium are bread, soups, sausages, cured meat and meat products, salted snacks, pickles, cheese and cheese products and the list is endless.

Being an important nutrient to the body and conducting vital function such as cellular function, fluid regulation, electrolytic balance and maintaining the right blood pressure. Lowering the intake of sodium content can greatly affect your body performance. It can lead you to normal blood pressure, decreased cancer risk, lower stomach cancer risks. Understanding the label claim can also help you to understand the amount of adder salt in the product. For example: reduced or less salt means the product contains at least 25% of salt content, products with lite or light in sodium content intend that the salt content has been reduced 50% from the last version. Whereas, unsalted or no salt added can explain that such kind of products contains no salt. However, the labe claims can only be justified to a certain extent, rest is up to the consumers.

Lifestyle which people around us need

With these necessary actions by eliminating foods affecting immune system one can reduce the risk of many unwelcoming diseases into their lives and lead a healthy life. The present COVID-19 scenario not only demands social distancing but also a healthy immune system to live on. It is highly suspected that people having low or less immune system are more vulnerable to this deadly virus. They can not survive this virus with boosting immune system and can also infect many other livelihood around them.

For us it is not only a responsibility to improvise our living standards but also a human deed towards complete biological system. Whole human society can be changed by following these simple yet basic rules for long life and to protect themselves and their loved ones from being infected.

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