spanish omelette with indian twist

Perfect Spanish Omelette recipe

Give your boring omelette a twist with this perfect spanish omelette recipe. Crispy potato with sweet onions fried in olive oil is what a whole mantra in this recipe. I have give a little indian tadka to it also while making it. Spanish omelette serves best purpose if you are having your friends or family during brunch or breakfast time. All you need is a good non stick large frying pan to get a successful result. By finishing a little green onion can uplift the taste and all the good flavours in this recipe.

As the name suggest spanish omelette, it thus originally belongs to Spain. But, in Spain it is not referred to as Spanish omelette on a general note rather ‘Tortilla de Patatas’ or ‘Tortilla’ in short. In Spanish’Torta’ means cake, and ‘Tortilla’ means little cake. It is believes from many published journals that first ever known spanish omelette dates 1817s. It is very important to have exact ingredients if you wish to have that authentic flavour and taste. So let us check out the recipe.

Ingredients for Spanish omellete

For authentic spanish omelette recipe

  • Potatoes: 3 medium sized, sliced in small/large cubes
  • Onions: 1 large, finely sliced
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 100-250ml
  • Salt: as per taste 1/2 tsp
  • Crushed pepper: a pinch
  • Large eggs: 4 to 5 eggs

Cooking procedure

Frying onions and potatoes

In a large good non stick frying pan, heat the extra virgin olive oil and add the onions. Still the onions occasionally at low flame. Do not brown them as this flavour may not taste good with eggs. Fry them on a gentle low flame while adding potatoes to it. Mix and combine everything and fry the potatoes well. Once the potatoes are cooked and fried well, strain the leftover oil and cool the onion-potato mixture.

Beat the eggs….

Beat the eggs in a separate bowl with salt and crushed pepper. Add the cooled fried potato-onion mixture to it and season accordingly. Fold the eggs together such that everything combines well. And let it sit for 10 mins. The more you keep the mixture for resting the stronger onion flavour will penetrate through. Again, in the same frying non stick pan add a little strained oil (flavour infused) and heat at low flame. Pour the egg mixture in to and settle everything uniformly with the help of a spatula. Turn the heat to medium slowly, cover and let it cook from one side for about 5 mins.

Cook nicely until the coat starts getting away from the sides of the pan. Two third of the portion will start to get set and this is the time to flip the tortilla and to cook the other side. Unlid the pan, place a plate on top of it and invert it. The nice golden brown will be on top, carefully slide the tortilla or omelette in to pan to let it cook from the other side for another 5 mins on medium heat. Cover and cook. Becareful not to over cook it. Its just that the core of your omelette should be well done.

As the omelette has cooked to perfection, its time to rest it for 5 mins. Be patient! Garnish with some spring onions and enjoy your perfect spanish omelette. Serve your perfect spanish omelette recipe slightly hot with some spinach salad aur cream cheese hot or as it is. It will taste yum anyway!

Tortilla de patatas or Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette with Indian twist

Indian twist to any continental food uplift the taste and aroma to a brighter side. With a hint of aromatic spices and plum tangy tomatoes with tortilla taste delicious.

In a frying pan with very less oil I fried the onions and potatoes and added seeded, finely chopped tomatoes to it. As the tomatoes got mushy and cooked, add 1/2 tsp oregano, 1/4 tsp of salt and a pinch of pepper to it. After this when everything is combined and cooked well, the same procedure is followed as mentioned above. Garnish the indian spanish omelette with some chopped green onions and serve.

indian spanish omelette
Spanish omelette with Indian twist

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